Cash for Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

Got a Scrap Car ? Are you in Melbourne Or in Victoria state?Ready to not only clear your yard, but put some cash in your pocket for the removal of your unwanted scrap car? Then call Instant Cash for Cars today and we will not only provide you with a free car removal in Melbourne, but pay you up to $9999 on its removal.

At Instant Cash for Cars, we are a licensed auto wrecker and trader who knows the value of vehicles. This is the reason why we are able to pull the most out of each vehicle we remove and pay our customers top cash on its removal. Our cash for scrap car system is simple. Just give us a call at the number below and we’ll give you a cash offer on your Melbourne scrap car removal.

Call us at 0470 425 406

Cash for Scrap Cars Melbourne

Scrap cars don’t have to cost the vehicle owner to have them hauled to the wrecking yard. That is, when you call Instant Cash for Cars. At Instant Cash for Cars, we provide our customers with free scrap car removals anywhere in Melbourne at any time of the day. Our car removers work round the clock, 365 days a year, providing our customers with fast and convenient car removals that are always professional.

We accept all makes and models of any age and condition:

  • Scrap cars, Okay!
  • Wrecked trucks, Okay!
  • Damaged vans, Okay!
  • Accident 4x4s, Okay!
  • Broken motorcycle, Okay!

Whether a:

  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Mitsubishi
  • Lexus
  • Chevy
  • Mercedes
  • Jeep
  • Holden
  • Subaru

Or any other make of scrap vehicle, running or not, we will come to your location and haul it away for free.

Cash for Trucks, 4x4s, Vans, Motorcycles, SUVs, Commercial Vehicles, and More!

Want top dollar on your unwanted truck, 4×4, van, SUV, commercial vehicle, or any other type of motor vehicle? Then, have Instant Cash for Cars remove your vehicle. Our vehicle removals are always free and always performed at a time that is convenient for our customers, even if it is the wee hours of the morning.

We perform:

  • Cash for Scrap Truck Removals
  • Cash for Scrap Van Removals
  • Cash for Scrap 4×4 Removals
  • Cash for Scrap Commercial Vehicle Removals
  • Cash for Scrap Motorcycle Removals
  • Cash for Scrap SUV Removals

Whatever type of vehicle you would like to remove, there’s no better time than the present as we not only provide you with free vehicle removal, we’ll also put up to $9999 cash in your pocket.

Our Scrap Car Wreckers

Because our scrap car wreckers are pros in the business, we are able to provide our customers with the absolute most for their unwanted scrap car removal in Melbourne. Our removal services are eco-friendly as we recycle, reuse and resell all parts and components of the vehicle and crush its metal into scrap metal to also reuse and resell. It is a process that avoids the landfills, leaving the smallest imprint on Mother Earth.

How to Obtain a Cash Offer

To obtain a cash offer just call us at the number listed here on our site, or locate our “Instant Cash Offer” form, which can be found on this page. With a few simple details, we will provide you with an instant cash offer.

Why Choose Instant Cash for Cars?

When you choose Instant Cash for Cars, you choose an auto wrecker that is fully licensed and one that is recognised in Melbourne as the leader in top paying car removals. Our cash for cars system is one that is easy, and one in which we always offer our customers:

  • Top paying car removals in Melbourne
  • Professional car removals in Melbourne
  • Up to $XXX cash on the spot
  • 24 hour car removals to vehicle owners in any suburb of Melbourne
  • 365 day vehicle removals
  • No hassle. We perform all the loading, transporting and disposal
  • We accept all makes and models of any age and condition
  • Always offer free, no obligation cash offers
  • Easily scrap car removal Melbourne scheduling

Our professional car removers are professionals, just as our car wreckers are professionals. Because
of their level of experience in vehicles’ worth, vehicle removals and recycling, reusing, and reselling all parts and metals of the vehicle, we are able to offer top cash. Our cash for scrap car removals are always convenient and always pay cash on the spot.

With custom removal vehicles, we are able to remove all size loads. Just contact us today for a cash offer and / or to schedule a free scrap car removal in Melbourne.

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Call us at 0470 425 406

Our car appraisers are standing by to provide you with a free, no obligation cash offer.

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    Excellent service I had ever experienced. Unbelievable price for my old car. Best price offered. Best support and light scheme of paper works. Hats-Off to this team.
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